If you are interested in adding a ferret to your household, there are several places you can turn. You can purchase a ferret from a pet store, from a breeder, or from an existing owner, such as through a newspaper. Or you can choose to adopt a ferret from your local shelter. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these options.At FURRY Ferret Shelter, we hope that you will at least consider adoption before making your final decision.Adoption Fees are $80-$90 for a single, $125 for a pair and $150 for a 3 pack. We will never split up a bonded group. All ferrets at Furry Ferret Rescue have been fixed and descented. The ferrets are also up to date on their distemper shots.Take a look at our Adoption FAQ for details of finding your Forever Ferret. If you’re ready to start the adoption process then you can fill out a Ferret Adoption Form online.

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Adoptable Ferrets

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