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Ferret Proofing: Are you willing to ferret proof your home, which includes covering holes, making sure they cannot reach any wires or cords,and to cover up any spaces under cabinets and appliances?

Proper ferret food is essential to their health. Are you prepared to provide the highest quality ferret food available?

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Home Visit:Are you willing to let a Furry volunteer into your home to see where, and how your ferrets will live and be housed?

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Commitment: Are you and your family prepared to make a lifelong commitment to owning a ferret(s) (ferrets live for 6 to 9 years)? This includes lifestyle changes such as children, going off to college, having a baby, moving to a new place, etc...?

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Have you considered play time?You may choose to cage your ferrets while you are not home. Your ferrets will need three plus hours of out of cage interactive play time. Have you considered this,and are you willing to provide a nurturing environment for your ferret(s)?

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