Closeup of Ferret playing in grass.

Fostering a Ferret

FURRY Ferret Rescue is working completely as a foster care rescue at this time. As ferrets come in we need people to step forward and offer temporary homes for these animals. Become part of our foster care program and you could be the difference between life and death for animals that have been brought to an animal shelter that just does not have the facilities for ferrets.Most of the ferrets we get in are perfectly healthy and happy, but have been surrendered us for various reasons. These ferrets will need temporary homes to foster them. They will also need to be brought to our various adoption days we have at PetsMart, or an appointment can be made if a ferret was seen on PetFinder or our website.

Unfortunately, some animals that are brought into our shelters are too sick, too young, or not socialized enough to be adopted out. They could be excellent pets, however, once they are healthy, socialized, or just plain older.

Foster volunteers take these animals into their home, providing a safe environment for them to mature, become more socialized, or heal from an existing wound or illness. This can be an intense short-term commitment, but also a very rewarding one.

Need is especially great during the spring/summer season, when many ferrets that were purchased on impulse are brought to our shelters.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or have questions regarding the program, please contact us at (314) 608-0370, email, or by the contact form below.

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