Public staying engaged is critical in recovery of black-footed ferret

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Ferret News


Some news about the wild cousin of our favorite furry critters.

Seligman, Arizona РWith the help of caring, dedicated volunteers, an animal once considered the most endangered mammal on the planet has continued its climb toward recovery in Arizona’s Aubrey Valley.

As part of the black-footed ferret recovery effort, the Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking volunteers to assist with two spring spotlighting events; the method used to document the population of this elusive, nocturnal, and endangered carnivore.

The Black-footed Ferret Recovery Project personnel are coordinating two spring spotlighting efforts. The first will be from March 13-15 and the second from April 17-19. Those wishing to assist can volunteer for just one evening or multiple nights.

The effort is held at the black-footed ferret recovery area in Aubrey Valley, located just west of Seligman.

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